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Website for Cardano stakepool

Welcome to Dojo Stakepool

Who are we?

We are Live!! As of epoch 358 (08/18/22) we are now offically ready stake!! Based out of a small town in northern British Columbia, Canada, we are devoted to the support and growth of children. We here at DOJO stakepool are using the Cardano platform to try and help support children and youth, follow and accomplish thier dreams while bridging the world of crypto to the sport karate world.

How do we plan on accomplishing this?

Using a percentage of the earnings this pool makes, we devote 3% towards funding or sponsoring children chosen at random at karate sporting events throughout the year. Once this pool operates at saterated levels, we anticipate aproximatly 100k+ ADA in donations yearly to children and youth. We are interested in donating anything from equipment to travel expenses for karate sport tournaments.

Can you help?

Yes! To help us achieve our goal, you can stake with us using your cardano wallets of choice that support staking protocols (eg daedelus wallet). Ticker: DOJO

How to stake?

  1. In order to stake you will need to have Cardano (ADA) perchased and stored in a cardano wallet that suports cardano’s POS protocols.
  2. Now that you have your wallet and ADA stored you will need to select which stakepool you would like to delegate to, if you would like to delegate to us, our ticker is: DOJO
  3. Now that you have chosen your stakepool, confirm the transaction (at time of writing the transaction fee is around 2 ADA). It should be noted that the stake pool you choose does not get access to any of your stored crypto. Only the individual who has access to your wallet (recovery phrase) has access to the funds. what you are delegating is the right of staking under Cardano’s POS protocols.
  4. It will take 1-2 Epochs (5 to 10 days) before you the delegation starts and the very earliesty you could see your first rewards.
  5. Thats it! Be on the lookout for rewards under the rewards tab and check back with us for updates on sponsored competators.

Why Cardano and not other proof of stake blockchains?

Being massive fans and advocates of decentralization, as well as having a community oriented drive, we find Cardano to be a perfect match as it is also founded upon these princaples.

More info on Cardano & Staking

For more information on what Cardano is or what the staking protocol is, please visit the link provided below:


Where to find us

We will continue to update this page with information as needed and if you would like to follow the impact youve help make withing the karate sports community, see our sponsored competitors at events as well as their results at the events, you can follow our socials: